Your Use Cases

Accelerated Quoting Process
Provide sales teams with instant cost estimates based on 2D and 3D files, enabling them to respond quickly to customer inquiries and streamline the quoting process.
Enhanced Customer Communication
Showcase the ability to offer recommendations by leveraging the platform's analysis and technology, meeting the unique needs and preferences of customers.
ERP integration / Efficient Order Processing
Seamlessly integrate the platform with sales systems to streamline the order processing workflow, reducing errors and delays in transferring manufacturing requirements.
AI-powered manufacturability analysis
Utilize 3D Spark's AI to compare and evaluate different manufacturing technologies for your part.
Identify the most optimal manufacturing technology for your parts based on factors such as cost, quality, lead time, sustainability, and suitability, giving your sales team a competitive edge by offering the best solution to your clients.
Competitive Advantage
Utilize 3D Spark's solution as a differentiator in the sales process, demonstrating an innovative and efficient approach to manufacturing that sets your company apart from competitors.
Simulate your production reality
Gain valuable insights into different manufacturing processes, and materials before the physical production/printing begins.

By utilizing our AI to find the most suitable material and technology for producing your part you can reduce risks, and ensure smooth operations, leading to enhanced product quality and reduced time-to-market.
Cost Breakdown Analysis
Conduct detailed cost breakdown analysis using our platform. Identify cost drivers, analyze material and manufacturing process expenses, and optimize cost-efficiency.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of production costs to make informed decisions and drive profitability.
Process Optimization
Streamline your manufacturing process with our powerful analytics and benchmarking features. Identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and opportunities for improvement in your production workflows.

Optimize resource allocation, minimize cycle times, and maximize productivity to enhance overall manufacturing efficiency.
Quality Assurance and Control
Ensure consistent product quality with our comprehensive printability check tool. Perform in-depth analysis of manufacturing parameters, materials, and tolerances to identify potential deviations or issues before producing the part.

Proactively address issues, reduce rework, and maintain stringent quality standards to deliver superior products to your customers.
Continuous Improvement
Drive continuous improvement initiatives within your engineering team using 3D Spark. Leverage the platform's analytics and data-driven insights to identify areas for enhancement, set performance benchmarks, and monitor progress over time.

Enable a culture of continuous learning, innovation, and excellence within your engineering organization.
3d spark for engineering
AI-powered Make/Buy Analysis
Leverage the AI capabilities of 3D Spark to perform efficient make/buy decisions. The platform analyzes 2D and 3D files and provides insights to help you determine whether it's more cost-effective to produce the parts in-house or outsource the manufacturing process.

Make informed decisions that optimize resources, reduce costs, and increase operational efficiency.
Optimized Supplier Selection
Leverage technology benchmarking provided by 3D Spark to select the most suitable manufacturing technology and thus supplier for specific parts, ensuring quality, and cost-effectiveness.
Streamlined RFQ Process
Generate accurate and detailed requests for quotations (RFQs) based on 2D and 3D files, reducing manual effort and enabling a standardized procurement process for faster response time.
Sustainable Sourcing
Utilize CO2 calculation capabilities to evaluate the environmental impact of manufacturing processes, enabling procurement teams to prioritize suppliers and technologies with lower carbon footprints.
Cost Savings and Negotiation Power
Access instant cost estimates and market cost insights via our platform to negotiate better pricing and terms with suppliers, improving cost efficiency and maximizing procurement savings.
3D Spark for procurement

Our Features

Simply upload your CAD model and try our platform's features for free!

Manufacturing Technology & Material Identification

Discover the best suited technology and material for your part

Printability and Design Check

Avoid issues by performing printability and design checks beforehand

Break-even point Analysis

3D printing vs. traditional manufacturing technologies for given quantity of parts

Building Supply Chain Robustness

Discover parts with shorter lead time, and take advantage of on-demand manufacturing

CO2 Accounting for Manufactured Component

Track and compare the amount of CO2e per part per technology

Instant Costing Estimation & Breakdown

incl. pre & post processing, orientation, nesting options, etc,.

Custom Process Chain

Simulate your production reality to optimize and streamline operations

Orientation Optimisation for Printing

Identify most economically possible orientation for printing to reduce costs by up to 75%

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What is it?

Case studies

3D Spark's manufacturing data analysis platform

Get insights directly from our customers on how 3D Spark's platform benefited their businesses


Metshape X 3D Spark


DB X 3D Spark


Alstom X 3D Spark

Case study 1


Customer- Metshape

The Problem -

High time and effort required by sales team to analyze 3D CADs and 2D drawings from daily Requests for Quotations (RFQs) regarding technical feasibility and precise, instant costing.

3 times less tools
needed for quoting
90% reduced quoting
100% Reduced effort
for answering
unsuitable RFQs

Case study 2


Customer- DB

The Problem-

There were challenges in feasibility testing and (pre-)calculation processes, including the need for higher accuracy, improved stability, ease, and speed. They also experienced issues with reliance on fragile Excel sheets, which hindered their ability to provide timely and reliable offers.

Achieved an accuracy
of +-5%

Case study 3


Customer- Alstom

The Problem-

Alstom faced challenges including high parts purchase prices, time-consuming RFQ processes, limited adoption rate of AM, and the need for cost, lead time and CO2e savings, accounting.

Parts purchase
prices reduced by
more than 20%
86% less RFQs needed
On-demand in-house
AM consultancy
for expertise growth
Live AM roll-out
KPIs: global cost
& leadtime savings