Our Mission

Empower manufacturing companies to select and perform the most optimal manufacturing process specific to each component.

Our aim is to pave the way for a more economical and ecological manufacturing landscape, where manual labor is minimized, and short delivery times are ensured all while keeping CO2 emissions at their lowest.

Industry leading customers
Raised 1.2M Euros
Inbuilt AI Features
Hamburg3d spark platform

Our results in number

To acheive our mission we beleive tracking the right KPIs is a must!

Parts analysed

Accuracy acheived

+/- 5%

Money raised


No. of platfrom users


Customers onboarded



Organizations that believed and supported our vision

AI Startup hub
Telekom Techboost
Grundergeist 3rd place


The founding team of 3D Spark

Ruben Meuth - Founder 3D Spark

M.Sc. Ruben Meuth


Ruben Meuth holds a master's degree in industrial engineering with a focus on manufacturing technology. During his work at Fraunhofer IAPT in Hamburg as Head of Business Development, he gained international sales experience. At 3D Spark he is responsible for customer communication, finance and legal affairs.

Fritz Lange= Founder 3D Spark

Dr.-Ing. Fritz Lange


Fritz Lange studied engineering science at the TU Berlin. At Fraunhofer IAPT, he led a group of research assistants in the field of digitization and completed his doctoral thesis on lightweight design for 3D printing. At 3D Spark, he is responsible for business development and project management, among other things.

Arnd Struve- Founder 3D Spark

Dr.-Ing. Arnd Struve


Arnd Struve holds a diploma from the TU Dresden in mechanical engineering with a focus on lightweight construction. During his work at Fraunhofer IAPT, he built up extensive expertise in software development and earned his doctorate in the field of design process automation. As CTO, he leads the technical development at 3D Spark.

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Our Achievements

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