Part Screening Software

With the help of our software, you can significantly reduce your company's manufacturing costs. This is achieved by automatically identifying precisely those components that can be manufactured more cost-effectively by changing the manufacturing technology than with the manufacturing processes used to date. Likewise, opportunities to reduce delivery times and CO2 emissions, as well as to increase component quality and supply chain security can be identified.


Your advantages

Reduction of manufacturing costs

Identify the minimum cost process chain

Shortened delivery times

Use tool-less printing, locally and on demand

Improved product performance

Light weight, customization, durability...

Shortened development cycles

Interactive feasibility and cost analysis in real time

Reduction of the analysis effort

For designers, planners, purchasers, sales

Reduction of procurement costs

Use of analysis reports in supplier negotiations

Minimize RFQs and cost estimates

Elimination of unnecessary RFQs and quotations

Analyze your components in seconds

Analyzing the manufacturability of various manufacturing processes provides insight into opportunities for redesign in economically viable applications. In this way, previously impossible business cases can be leveraged.

Product Features


For CADs, drawings, ERP data

Check printability

Geometry, material, part requirements

Analysis core

Selection of manufacturing process and material

Orientation optimization

Reduces manufacturing costs by up to 75%

Precise cost calculation

incl. postprocessing, orientation, nesting

Break-Even Analysis

3D printing vs. competing technologies

DfAM potential analysis

Lightweight and integral construction potential

Big Data Screening

3D Spark allows you to analyze entire part databases at the push of a button. Upload hundreds of parts with just a few clicks and analyze them in batch mode.

Do you have 10,000, 100,000 or more data sets? The data basis is incomplete or inconsistent? 3D Spark's automated, confidence-based approach offers a suitable solution for every situation.